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​Top Tips to Successfully Lay Turf in Summer

​Top Tips to Successfully Lay Turf in Summer

Posted by Lisa Pieraccini on 27th Jun 2024

Spring and autumn are traditionally considered the best seasons for laying turf due to their moderate temperatures and levels of rainfall. That doesn’t mean that turf can’t be laid in summer! With proper preparation and care, turf can also be successfully laid at any time of the year. This is particularly good news for homeowners who often decide to re-turf their gardens when the good weather highlights the appeal of outdoor spaces!

If you're planning to lay turf in summer, here are 8 essential tips to ensure your lawn thrives:

Source Fresh Turf

Purchase your turf from local growers who cut it fresh daily for your order. This ensures you get the healthiest turf possible and have more time to lay it on site.

Prepare the Ground in Advance

Have your ground ready before the turf arrives. You want to start laying your turf as soon as it arrived and reduce the time the turf spends rolled up on a pallet.

Watering the Soil

If it is extremely warm, you could water the soil before laying to create a moist base for the new grass. (Less is more here – you don’t want to be laying turf on mud!)

Immediate Laying

Begin laying the turf as soon as it arrives to prevent it from drying out or overheating.

Cool Storage

Store any turf you’re not immediately using in a cool, shaded area to keep it fresh.

Mixed Pallets

If you have multiple pallets, take rolls from each pallet alternately. This reduces the weight of each pallet, which helps prevent heat build-up in the stacked rolls.

Savvy watering

You may be tempted to water the turf pallets to keep them cool. Do so with caution – watering rolled up turf can cause it to become waterlogged, leading to mould and damage. Water each section of turf as soon as it is laid.

Protect Yourself

We all look forward to the days of working in sunshine, but we must make sure we take care of ourselves! Wear a sun hat, apply sun cream, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water while working in the sun.

Hydration really is the key for aftercare - continue to water thoroughly every morning and evening until the grass is well-rooted.

Happy gardening!