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Covid19 Information

Are you open to members of the public?

Our store is now open for all customers. We have a one way system in operation that helps us maintain the recommended social distancing rules.

Do I need to wear a face mask when visiting?

Yes. As we are a shop we have to follow government guidelines and request that each visitor wears a suitable face covering unless they are exempt for medical reasons.

Are you taking any safety measures in store?

We have installed a perspex screen in the office to act as a safety barrier. We are also limiting the number of customers in the shop to just one. As we have a small office space with multiple staff members from different households, the limit of one customer still applies even if they are visiting with a family member.

What is the lead time on deliveries?

Our team are working hard to process and fulfill all orders within a reasonable time frame. Most deliveries are completed within a 5 days however our lead time is increasing and worst case scenario is within 2 weeks.

Do you have all items in stock?

Like other merchants, we are struggling to secure sufficient stock of some items. This is mostly wood and applies to decking and fence materials. While we realise the inconvenience this may cause to our customers and their projects, please be rest assured that we are working hard to source all materials.


Do the prices shown include VAT?

All items that are available to buy online are listed with VAT. Please note that shipping will be added at the checkout.

We have listed some items that are not available to buy online – the price for these are listed with the VAT included as this is the final price that you will pay when you pick up the item from us in store.

Why are some items not available to buy online?

Our main business is growing turf and supplying landscape products like soil and decorative aggregates. We stock a limited range of gardening tools to support our customers who visit us, so that they don’t have to find the products elsewhere. By not offering the option to buy online we are able to keep our prices very competitive.

Our large sheds are not available to buy online as there are many variables to consider and we like to make sure that we understand our customers’ requirements before a shed purchase is made.

Why have I been asked to contact you when I get to the Checkout?

We try to offer our customers the best value for money – including the cost of delivery. Some rural or inner city areas are subject to surcharges from our Hauliers and when this is the case we like to shop around to find the most cost effective method of transporting your goods.

Do you offer a next day delivery service?

We do have a next day delivery option for most UK main land locations, however this is subject to us receiving the order with enough time to arrange haulage. For full details have a look at our T&C's, or contact us.


How much turf do I need?

Our turf is sold in increments of 1m2. To find out how much turf you will need you need to calculate the area of your garden. You multiply the length by the breadth, for example 4 metres wide by 5 metres long = 20 square metres. This is often expressed as 20 m2.

Not all gardens come in a perfect shape, so you might want to add on an extra few rolls to allow for wastage through trimming, etc.

Our staff can help you work out how much you need.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity, although for small orders we recommend that you pick it up from us direct to get the best price.

Does the price quoted on the website include VAT?

The price quoted is exclusive of VAT. The VAT is calculated at the check-out when delivery is included so you can clearly see your order total

How will my turf arrive?

We stack our rolls of turf on pallets. Our lawn turf comes in pallets of 80 m2, and our economy turf comes in pallets of 50 m2. The reason for the different quantities is the size and shape of each roll. The pallet will be placed on the nearest kerb or hard standing using a hiab or tail lift.

What do I need to do before my turf arrives?

It is important to be prepared before your turf arrives so that you lay it when it is still fresh. Here is our Guide to Laying turf, which gives tips on how to prepare properly.

Do you offer a turf laying service?

We can recommend experienced and trusted landscapers from our local area who can complete a turf laying job for you.

Aggregates and Bark

How big are the bulk bags?

Our bulk bags 1 metre cubed. The weight the bags hold vary per product – for example a tonne of bark would take up a lot more room than a tonne of stone. To keep things easy we sell our bulk bags as metres cubed.

How much will I need?

Bark – 1 m3 of bark covers an area of 20 m2 to a depth of 50mm (approximately 2 inches).

Aggregates – One bulk bag covers an area of 12 m2 to a depth of 25 mm (approximately 1 inch).

Soil – One bulk bag of soil covers an area of 10 m2 to a depth of 100 mm (approximately 4 inches).

If you know the size of the area that you would like to cover but are unsure how much of our products you will need please contact us as we are happy to help.

Garden Sheds

Does the price include delivery?

The price shown is the final price you pay – including delivery and erection.

I don’t want a window is this ok?

The sheds are customisable, you can order one without windows. If you would like to move the door or add in another window a surcharge will apply. Please contact us for more information.