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Are you open to members of the public? 

Our store is  open for all customers.  

When did you change your name?

We changed our name on May 22 from Rukeri to Peacock Turfscape, to reflect that we are now part of the J.C Peacock & Co group.

Do the prices shown include VAT?

All items that are available to buy online are listed with VAT. Please note that shipping will be added at the checkout.

We have listed some items that are not available to buy online – the price for these are listed with the VAT included as this is the final price that you will pay when you pick up the item from us in store.

Why are some items not available to buy online?

Our main business is growing turf and supplying landscape products like soil and decorative aggregates. We stock a limited range of gardening tools to support our customers who visit us, so that they don’t have to find the products elsewhere. By not offering the option to buy online we are able to keep our prices very competitive.

Why have I been asked to contact you when I get to the Checkout?

We try to offer our customers the best value for money – including the cost of delivery. Some rural or inner city areas are subject to surcharges from our Hauliers and when this is the case we like to shop around to find the most cost effective method of transporting your goods.

Do you offer a next day delivery service?

We can facilitate a Next Day Delivery service however this is dependant on location and current work load. Please contact us to see if there is an option available for your order.



Our turf is sold in increments of 1m2. To find out how much turf you will need you need to calculate the area of your garden. You multiply the length by the breadth, for example 4 metres wide by 5 metres long = 20 square metres. This is often expressed as 20 m2.

Not all gardens come in a perfect shape, so you might want to add on an extra few m2 to allow for wastage through trimming, etc.

Our staff can help you work out how much you need.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity, although for small orders we recommend that you pick it up from us direct to get the best price.

How will my turf arrive?

We stack our rolls of turf on pallets. Our  turf may come in pallets of 50 or 80m2. The reason for the different quantities is the size and shape of each roll. The pallet will be placed on the nearest kerbside or hard standing using a hiab or tail lift.

What do I need to do before my turf arrives?

It is important to be prepared before your turf arrives so that you lay it when it is still fresh. Here is our Guide to Laying Turf, which gives tips on how to prepare properly.

Do you offer a turf laying service?

We do not offer a laying service. We can recommend experienced and trusted landscapers from our local area who can reach out to.


Aggregates and Bark

How big are the bulk bags?

Our bulk bags aggregate and soil bags are 0.6m3 and our bark bags are 1m3.

How much will I need?

Bark – 1 m3 of bark covers an area of 20 m2 to a depth of 50mm (approximately 2 inches).

Aggregates – One bulk bag covers an area of 10 m2 to a depth of 25 mm (approximately 1 inch).

Soil – One bulk bag of soil covers an area of 5 m2 to a depth of 100 mm (approximately 4 inches).

If you know the size of the area that you would like to cover but are unsure how much of our products you will need please contact us as we are happy to help.