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Spring Lawn Care

Spring is an exciting time in the garden - lots of plants jump into action with new growth and vitality. It is the same for lawns. After lying dormant over the cold winter months the grass starts to come alive again as the milder weather sets in.


When your lawn starts to grow you should start a regular mowing regime. Mowing regularly keeps your lawn looking tidy, and regular chopping at the height of the grass sward also encourages outward growth, giving you a dense, tightly woven lawn. In spring we recommend cutting your grass every two weeks. This isn't a strict guide line as you should be able to see for yourself if your lawn will benefit from a cut. At the start of mowing season always start with a long/high cut, only removing a fraction of the height of the blade. You can gradually work your way into a shorter cut throughout the season. Around one third of the blade is an optimum length for cutting. The optimum height for a healthy looking lawn is between 15 and 35 mm.


Control Moss Growth

There are a number of other maintenance tasks that you can do in spring to care for your lawn and rejuvenate it for summer. Cold, damp conditions encourages moss growth, and spring is an ideal time to tackle any problem areas that have developed. The most effective and environmentally friendly way to do this is via scarifying, however some people choose to use a specific moss/weed killer. You may want to apply some grass seed on your lawn to cover any patches that may have developed from the removal of moss and weeds.


Moss and weeds can be kept at bay with the application of a specific lawn fertiliser. Applying feed in spring helps to bring new vigour to your lawn and encourages healthy, green sward development and strong root zones.  There are many different types of fertiliser on the market to choose from, including specific spring and summer ones that are high in nitrogen. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines for application rates and never over do it.

Enjoy your lawn

Good weather brings with it lots of outdoor activities. Enjoy your lawn, and take pride in the good work taken to keep it in tip top condition. You deserve it!