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Meet the Team: Campbell

Meet the Team: Campbell

Posted by Lisa Pieraccini on 1st Feb 2024

Meet The Team: Daniel 'Campbell' Macdougall - Operations Supervisor at Peacock Turfscape

Meet Daniel McDougall, affectionately known as Campbell, the driving force behind the operational excellence at Peacock Turfscape. As our Operations Supervisor, Campbell plays a pivotal role in steering the team. His primary responsibility is to manage the yard staff, ensuring the seamless execution of tasks and the accurate fulfilment of customer orders.

Journey with Peacock Turfscape

Campbell brings a wealth of experience to the team, having been a part of the company for seven years. His journey began by chance when a temporary opportunity crossed his path. Coming from a self-employed background as a plasterer, Campbell was ready for a change. His previous business faced a slight dip, providing him with the flexibility to explore new avenues.

What started as a temporary role quickly evolved into a full-time position, driven by the excitement of a new experience. He loved getting trained in operating large machinery (boys and their toys!) and he enjoyed the rapport with customers.

Professional Background

Prior to his entrepreneurial venture, Campbell served as a supervisor for H3G, where he oversaw the work of a sizable team of 72 staff members within in a manufacturing plant. His diverse professional background and leadership experience contribute to the dynamic management style he brings to Peacock Turfscape.

What Makes Peacock Turfscape Special

For Campbell, the fast-paced nature of Peacock Turfscape is what keeps him engaged. He says, ‘no two days are the same, providing new challenges and opportunities.’ Another highlight of his role is the opportunity to build strong relationships with customers, creating a sense of trust and satisfaction.

Being part of a team that shares common visions and goals adds to the sense of camaraderie, making the company's expansion journey even more rewarding.

Outside of Work

In his spare time, Campbell enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a day trip fishing or a weekend wild camping adventure, Campbell will be there with a smile on his face. He enjoys it more if accompanied by his wife and two sons - and let’s not forget a wee glass of Jack D!

As Peacock Turfscape continues to grow, Campbell remains an integral part of the team, ensuring that operations run smoothly, and customers receive top-notch service.