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7 Steps to a Summer Ready Lawn

7 Steps to a Summer Ready Lawn

Posted by Lisa Pieraccini on 11th Apr 2024

Are you eagerly waiting for some dry days to start tending to your winter-weathered lawn?

Here is a list of some tasks that you should embark on as soon as you’re able to, if you’d like a lush, green lawn for summer!

Clean up: Remove debris and gently rake to promote air circulation.

Inspect and Repair: Identify bare patches and aerate compacted soil.

Proper Mowing: Set mower height correctly and avoid cutting too much at once.

Overseed: Fill in the bare areas with grass seed for denser growth.

Apply Fertiliser: Choose a slow-release formula tailored for spring growth.

Weed Control: Use pre-emergent herbicides and spot-treat existing weeds.

Lawn Maintenance: Edge, dethatch, mow and aerate regularly to maintain the overall health.

As simple as that.

Now, all that is needed is some decent weather…