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Fence Slats

£1.60 - £6.40
You will need


We have four sizes of durable wooden fence slats available:

3.6 x 19 x 150 - £6.40 each

1.8 x 19 x 100 - £2.40 each

1.8 x 19 x 150 - £3.40 each

1.2 x 19 x 100 - £1.60 each

Our slats are rough sawn timber that have been green treated to protect them from the elements. These products are available to buy from us direct. We offer a range of different sizes to suit whatever height and width your fence needs to be. Our fence slats work perfectly with our low-priced Peacock Turfscape. Orders can be placed over the phone for local delivery.

If you are unsure how many slats you need visit our blog for information on working out fence materials, or alternatively contact the office as our staff are always happy to help. All of our fencing products are pre-treated making them stronger and more durable.

Our fencing materials are available for local delivery.